The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage
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The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage

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The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage

Before you go and pay for a Thai Massage and look to relax your body with the helping hands of a Thai Massage therapist, here are Five Things you should know about Thai Massage.

1) Traditional Thai Massage Technique

Thai Massage is an ancient method used by Thai’s going back to ancient Thai traditions of healing the body using the hands. It is one of the oldest forms of massage in the world with some grass roots coming from Nepal and North India

2) Traditional Thai Massage Uses No Oil or Lotions

The traditional form of Thai Massage uses no oils or lotions allowing the recipient to remain fully clothed during the treatment. The body is compressed, stretched, pulled and rocked.

3) Traditional Thai Massage Follows Energy Lines Within The Body

The Traditional Thai massage methods follow energy lines called “sen” within the body These lines are followed with the thai massage therapist using all forms of hands, feet and fists to target these areas of the body. Thai Massage consists of using hands and feet, stretching the body, arms, legs, fingers by pulling on fingers and toes and cracking knuckles, walking on back etc.

4) Traditional Thai Massage Is Practiced On The Floor

Traditional Thai Massage is practiced on the floor using a mat, similar to the methods of Yoga. The reason is to provide the body with the ability to stretch and pull the body and the ability to press firmly using the hands on selected parts of the body. In recent times the mat is less often used and more thai massage centers use the modern massage tables to provide easier access to the body by the thai massage therapist.

5) Traditional Thai Massage Provides Physical and Emotional Relief

Traditional Thai Massage helps reverse poor habits of posture caused by many hours in front of a computer in your daily life. There are many benefits of thai massage including relief of physical and emotional pressure on the body, improved energy within the body, better sleep, more flexibility, relief of sore muscles, legs and feet, release of blocked energy and overall relaxation of the body and mind.


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