Mind Thai Head Neck Shoulder Massage

$45/ 20 Minutes

$55 / 30 Minutes

$85/ 45 Minutes

Apply pressure point technique and some stretching to help relieve tension when you want to have a little break from the busy life

Royal Mind Thai Massage With Oil

$95 / 60 Minutes

$125 / 75 Minutes

$135/ 90 Minutes

Apply unique traditional Thai style with oil. Firm oil massage combination with Thai stretching yoga technique help relieve tension of the whole body

Ancient Thai Dry Massage

$95 / 60 Minutes 

$135/ 90 Minutes

This ancient Thai massage, progressive stretching to regain your overall well being.


$95/ 60 Minutes

$119 / 75 Minutes

$135 / 90 Minutes

Focus on problem spots on the body and ease the pain with traditional thai massage techniques and help with healing the body

Mind Thai Relaxation Massage

$95 / 60 Minutes

$125 / 75 Minutes

$135 / 90 Minutes

Unwind and relax your body and mind with our premium relaxation massage service using authentic thai massage techniques to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day

Ancient Hot Stone Massage

$115/ 60 Minutes

$155/ 90 Minutes

Apply warm oil with deep strokes to relax muscles. Heat penetrates into the muscles which enables a deeper massage to leave your body feeling relaxed and rejuvinated.

Mind Thai Foot Reflexology

$55 / 30 Minutes

$90 / 60 Minutes

It is on principle that the foot has reflex points that corresponds to the various structure and organs throughout the body and aims to promote healing in these areas and to have benefits in stress production, relaxation, pain relief, immune system strengthening and circulation

Mind Thai Pregnancy Massage (Over 12 Weeks)

$95 / 60 Minutes

$135/ 90 Minutes

Gentle and effective pregnancy massage to help relieve common prenatal discomforts and tired legs, swollen ankles and wrists, sore lower back, neck and shoulders

Full Facial Treatment, Neck, Hand & Feet Massage

$95 / 60 Minutes

Double Deep Cleaning, Exfoliate, Face, Scalp, Neck, Hand, Feet Massage, Eye Mask and Facial Mask To Suit Your Skin, Moisturiser and Sunscreen

Mini Facial Treatment

$55 / 30 Minutes

Deep Cleanse Twice, facial scrub, facial massage, eye and facial mask to suit your skin type. moisturiser and sunscreen



Mind Thai Body Scrub And Massage

$155 / 90 Minutes

Royal Mind Thai Massage and Facial Treatment

$145 / 90 Minutes

Body polish by brush, scrub body with fine quality exfoliating to remove dead skin leaving your skin soft and even skin tone, traditional thai massage

Mind Thai 2 Hour Indulgence Package


Body Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology, Mini Facial Treatment

3 Hour Package


Body Scrub, Traditional Thai Massage With Oil, Thai Foot Reflexology, Full Facial Treatment