Remedial Massage Brisbane What is Remedial Massage
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Remedial Massage Brisbane What is Remedial Massage

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What is Remedial Massage?

Ok so you probably have been complaining to your better half about having sore muscles or having a back problem that needs fixing and maybe your thinking to yourself I really need a massage. You do your research online and find relaxation massage and remedial massage. Which massage is right for you. In this post we are going to look deeper into, “What Is Remedial Massage”

Remedial Massage can be described as manipulation of the soft tissues around the  muscles of the body including specific techniques of body movement with a specific therapeutic effect rather than a general therapeutic effect.

Remedial Massage is generally conducted by trained and certified therapists providing a deep massage that penetrates the soft tissue of the body providing relief and helping the body to return to a natural normal health after injury.

Remedial massage is recognised by health funds within Australia as a Clinical massage, rehabilitation treatment. Remedial Massage Therapist work alongside Medical health professionals as an allied health professional, providing massage as part of the treatment plan. While remedial massage can relieve pain, treat muscle soreness, increase range of motion & provide soft tissue release the treatment can be painful & uncomfortable.

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