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Hot Stone Massage Brisbane

Hot Stone Massage Brisbane

Hot Stone Massage !!!!

Your probably heard of Hot Stone Massage before but wondering what is it and what is the benefits over a traditional massage. So lets discuss what is Hot Stone Massage and how it benefits its you.

Hot Stone Massage is a massage technique using smooth, flat, heated stones placed at certain points of the body. Hot Stone Massage dates back to over 2000 years ago where it was used by chinese to treat the body and improve the function of internal organs. Now in today's world Hot Stone Massage is the pinnacle of effective massage treatment. Using a electronic oven to heat the traditional black smooth stones, the stones are warmed so the stones absorb the heat which can penetrate deep into the muscle of the body.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage can provide a decrease in pain and muscle spasms caused by stress or tension in the body, reduce chronic stress and tension that you may have from either working too hard or from your own environment, increases flexibility in joints making it easier for the body to be more mobile and provide greater movement. Hot Stone Massage provides a deeper penetration into the muscle than what a hand can provide due to the heat it transfers into the muscles.

Most customers who experience Hot Stone Massage for the first time feel a relaxed sensation of the body and prefer Hot Stone Massage over traditional massage methods. It is recommended to put aside at least 90 minutes for an effective Hot Stone Massage. Mind Thai Day Spa in Brisbane provides a professional and satisfying experience using Hot Stone Massage. If you are looking for a Hot Stone Massage in Brisbane, give us a call, you won't be disappointed.



Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Brisbane
How To Choose A Great Massage In Brisbane

How To Choose A Great Massage In Brisbane

Massage Brisbane, What to look for in a massage provider in Brisbane


In this article we are going to explain how to choose a good massage therapist in Brisbane that can provide quality and beneficial remedial massage techniques to help you improve your health and wellbeing. Sometimes it is hard to determine if a massage provider is going to provide the right techniques for you if you have never been there before. So lets look at what to look for to ensure the massage centre is the right one for you in Brisbane.

Ten Things What To Look For In A Good Massage Therapist In Brisbane


Lets look at the ten things you should look for in a good massage therapist in Brisbane


  1. Certification- ensure the business has a certified diploma in massage.
  2. Price- Be careful of low priced massage services. The main reason they are cheap is because you are getting a massage of low quality and not trained correctly in proper massage techniques
  3. Technique- Some people swear by the massage offered by thai or chinese massage therapists. There are many massage centres around Brisbane that offer traditional and authentic remedial massage using traditional techniques of massage using their hands, wrists and elbows to penetrate those tired muscles.
  4. Experience- If you want a good massage you need to ensure the massage therapist has experience in what they are doing. Before you make an appointment ask how much experience has the massage therapist has had in massage therapy.
  5. Ambience- You want to feel relaxed and refreshed therefore ambience is importance to the overall feel and experience of the massage. Ensure the massage centre is clean, suttle, makes you feel relaxed with the right lighting and sound such as nice relaxing music to make you feel nice and relaxed.
  6. Equipment- make sure the massage centre has up to date equipment such as massage tables, chairs etc to give you the good overall experience of a great massage.
  7. Draping Techniques- make sure the massage therapist conducts professional draping techniques when conducting the massage. The private areas of the body should be covered up at all times.
  8. Communication- to ensure your massage is effective in getting to the problem of your pain that you want to be rectified by the massage, you need to communicate to the massage therapist what is the problem, what is your concern and where the problem is and how long it has been a problem. A good massage therapist should be asking you questions so they can provide the best treatment to your body during the massage.
  9. Call Back- If you ring the massage therapist and leave a message, how prompt is their service in calling you back. Unreturned phone calls provides a sense of unprofessionalism and a lack of willingness to provide good service.
  10. Customer Service- This last point is something that needs to be experienced in the massage centre and give you some indication that would you come back again. The whole experience of the massage including greeting, massage experience and the exit all plays an important role of the total massage experience. Therefore customer service is very important in making a massage a good massage.
Remedial Massage Brisbane What is Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Brisbane What is Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Massage?

Ok so you probably have been complaining to your better half about having sore muscles or having a back problem that needs fixing and maybe your thinking to yourself I really need a massage. You do your research online and find relaxation massage and remedial massage. Which massage is right for you. In this post we are going to look deeper into, “What Is Remedial Massage”

Remedial Massage can be described as manipulation of the soft tissues around the  muscles of the body including specific techniques of body movement with a specific therapeutic effect rather than a general therapeutic effect.

Remedial Massage is generally conducted by trained and certified therapists providing a deep massage that penetrates the soft tissue of the body providing relief and helping the body to return to a natural normal health after injury.

Remedial massage is recognised by health funds within Australia as a Clinical massage, rehabilitation treatment. Remedial Massage Therapist work alongside Medical health professionals as an allied health professional, providing massage as part of the treatment plan. While remedial massage can relieve pain, treat muscle soreness, increase range of motion & provide soft tissue release the treatment can be painful & uncomfortable.

Contact Us Today and book your next remedial massage with Mind Thai Day Spa in Coorparoo, Brisbane



The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage

The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage

The Five Things You Should Know About Thai Massage

Before you go and pay for a Thai Massage and look to relax your body with the helping hands of a Thai Massage therapist, here are Five Things you should know about Thai Massage.

1) Traditional Thai Massage Technique

Thai Massage is an ancient method used by Thai's going back to ancient Thai traditions of healing the body using the hands. It is one of the oldest forms of massage in the world with some grass roots coming from Nepal and North India

2) Traditional Thai Massage Uses No Oil or Lotions

The traditional form of Thai Massage uses no oils or lotions allowing the recipient to remain fully clothed during the treatment. The body is compressed, stretched, pulled and rocked.

3) Traditional Thai Massage Follows Energy Lines Within The Body

The Traditional Thai massage methods follow energy lines called "sen" within the body These lines are followed with the thai massage therapist using all forms of hands, feet and fists to target these areas of the body. Thai Massage consists of using hands and feet, stretching the body, arms, legs, fingers by pulling on fingers and toes and cracking knuckles, walking on back etc.

4) Traditional Thai Massage Is Practiced On The Floor

Traditional Thai Massage is practiced on the floor using a mat, similar to the methods of Yoga. The reason is to provide the body with the ability to stretch and pull the body and the ability to press firmly using the hands on selected parts of the body. In recent times the mat is less often used and more thai massage centers use the modern massage tables to provide easier access to the body by the thai massage therapist.

5) Traditional Thai Massage Provides Physical and Emotional Relief

Traditional Thai Massage helps reverse poor habits of posture caused by many hours in front of a computer in your daily life. There are many benefits of thai massage including relief of physical and emotional pressure on the body, improved energy within the body, better sleep, more flexibility, relief of sore muscles, legs and feet, release of blocked energy and overall relaxation of the body and mind.


Mind Thai Day Spa provides Traditional Thai Massage at its Brisbane Centre based at Coorparoo, Queensland. Thai Massage is conducted by trained Thai Massage therapists who are training in the art of Thai Massage. Thai Massage Brisbane, experience the difference at Mind Thai Day Spa.